Sean and Ruthann Cross, WorldVenture: Spain

 We have purchase our ONE WAY Tickets and will leave on February 12 for Spain!

We are excited to announce that we have received departure clearance from WorldVenture and will be leaving for Spain on February 12.  As this part of our journey is ending it is a privilege to look back and see all that our God has done for us over these last four plus years.

He has provided numerous people in our lives who are committed to praying over our family and the ministry. He has showed us that His timing is the best timing. Always! He has grown and stretched us in our faith and love for Him. We are just an ordinary family, with ordinary abilities, and yet He has chosen us to go. (Personally, this still blows my mind away.) "Who are we O Lord and who is our family that you have brought us this far? And yet this was a small thing in your eyes...Because of your promise, and according to your own heart, you have brought about all this greatness..." (2 Sam. 7:18-21) There are no better words that I can write of God's great love for us. David really says it best. We praise our Lord for what is doing in our lives and in each of you!

Love on the Move: Missions Emphasis Month

“While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.” Then after fasting and praying they laid their hands on them and sent them off.” Acts 13:2-3

“Love on the Move” has been designed to encourage the body to carry the gospel of Jesus to their world and to the whole world. We will highlight what our missionary partners are accomplishing for His glory. As a part of this special month, on February 10 Palmcroft will send off Sean and Ruthann Cross and their family to begin their ministry at the Friendship House in Madrid, Spain. For a schedule of missionaries and events, click here.

Help needed!
February is our month of Mission Emphasis and there will be missionaries who will be coming to Palmcroft to participate in this event. If you would like to host a missionary at your home, Wednesday through Monday, of one of the weeks in February, would you please contact Maggi at

Why record Job of all books of the Bible?

Steve and Laura Newkirk, WorldVenture, Senegal


This next week we will be recording the book of Job in Wolof. So why record Job of all books of the Bible? There are universal questions, asked by people from all over the world from all walks of life and through all of human history: Who, what, or where is God? Does God see or care about my life? Why doesn’t God answer my questions? Why does God allow suffering and death? Why do good things happen to bad people? Why do bad things happen to good people?

These are some of the important questions that Job and his friends grapple with, both for their sake and ours. But as Philip Yancey says, “The arguing never seems to help Job much. His is a crisis of relationship more than a crisis of doubt. CAN HE TRUST GOD?” God shows up with an amazing response at the end as Job is astounded and affirmed in God’s trustworthiness.


Please be praying for our recording team. We have a team of 8 Wolof speakers for the 13 voices heard in the book. We want to see God glorified and desire Wolof speakers to know that they can trust their Maker and the truth that He has given in His Word for whatever life might bring. Our friends at Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) will help us record and edit the recordings.

49 Baptisms! A modern day Acts story!

Jonathan and Susan Kopf, Ethnos 360, Papua 

An exciting development from our discipleship-toward-leadership classes has been that people realized they had been trusting in their attempts to be good rather than placing their confidence in Jesus to pay their sin debt. That gave opportunity for the elder/deacon trainees to lead them to faith in the Lord. Since then this realization has spread and many more have come forward saying they want to turn to Jesus to become children of God.

Then we told our village friends that before our elder/deacon “ordination” service we would like to hold a baptism service for the ones who had already given testimonies of faith in Jesus, and wondered if there were others who would also like to get baptized. Several expressed a desire to publicly demonstrate their faith in Jesus so we asked them to meet with the elder/deacon trainees to share their testimonies. On October 5, eight people shared how they were trusting in the death of Jesus to pay for their sin debt, but then more people arrived so we said we would gather again the next evening to hear their testimonies. On October 6, ten more people articulated trust in the blood of Jesus to make them children of God. But then more people arrived so we met again on October 7 where seven more people shared faith in Jesus. But more people arrived and asked us to gather again the next evening so on October 8 eleven more people confessed turning from religious attempts to satisfy their sin debt to trusting in the sacrifice of Jesus! That’s not all. Our own daughter, Mikenna, also wanted to publicly express her faith in Jesus along with the others. Saturday, October 13, 49 members of the Hewa tribe were baptized! Thank you for praying! This is truly a modern day Acts story!

Thank You for Praying!

Sean and Ruthann Cross, WorldVenture: Spain

We finally have our letter of invitation from Spain’s Ministry of Justice!

Although we are excited to FINALLY have this letter, we also know “good-byes” that once seemed so far off are now uncomfortably near. Painfully near, if I’m allowed to be honest. One thing stressed many times in our training was the truth of great sadness in leaving our “home country”. This truth has become a reality for us. The flip side of this is with great sadness comes great comfort in knowing that we have loved and been loved well. As we near the end of this part of our journey we ask that you would not give up, but be even more fervent in your prayers for our family. Please pray for our children by name: AJ, Ethan, Jack and Evi. Next step…visa appointments at the Spanish Consulate in Los Angeles on November 12!

A Great Response

We had a great response to The Know last month. Many of you took the time to let me know of some more ministries where you serve. So the list continues to grow. Thank you! 


Matthew 25 Project

On the 3rdSaturday of each month, Matthew 25 Project volunteers serve over 400 meals to residents at various homeless shelters and transitional housing. The residents include families, singles mothers, men, and women from domestic violence to U.S. veterans. We offer a spiritual environment through Bible teaching and inspirational music. Children have the opportunity to learn about the gospel through crafts and games. We distribute Bibles as well as toiletries, clothing, blankets, and baby items.


Sister Pauline

We lost Miss Pauline last September, but a few of us at Palmcroft and from some other churches continue to carry out her ministry. We arrive near the CASS shelter at about 6 am on Sunday mornings, where the homeless are from the shelter and from sleeping on the street.  We pray together first and then we give them Bibles, Bible tracts, blankets, water, clothes, toiletries, and backpacks when we have them.  My husband even gets up at 3 am to make them coffee. We’re done by 7 am and go home to get ready for church.

To know more, please contact


Neighborhood Ministries

Our mission is to be the presence of Jesus Christ, sharing his life-transforming hope, love, and power among distressed families of urban Phoenix to ignite their passion for God and His Kingdom. Our outreach programs meet our community’s most basic needs including food and clothing and youth programs. Our empowerment programs provide case management, academic support, and workforce development.

Will it be today? Waiting is difficult.

Sean and Ruthann Cross, WorldVenture: Spain


Sean and Ruthann Cross and family are waiting for their official invitation from the Spanish government. Will it be today? Their team mates at the Friendship House in Madrid are watching the mail and have even asked the post office to let them know if it arrives. The Crosses need this important document before they can apply for their visas. With their support level at 96%, they are trusting God will send them to Spain before the end of the year. The Crosses will be working with immigrants from North Africa. Please pray for the arrival of the documents and for the rest of their support to be committed. 

Ciao, Melito 2018! Public school parking lot is used to share Christ!

September 8-16, we will go nonstop sharing the gospel in the public school parking at Festival Melito 2018, and our prayer is that many will come to understand what it means to be alive in Christ. Six Palmcroft members are there serving alongside national churches demonstrating the practical love of God at an evangelistic festival. Through compassion ministries, children's games, and the pulling of a bus, Italians are introduced to Christ and the evangelical church in Melito. Pray for the Evilles, the Holcombs, and the Underwoods as they use their gifts and talents to serve God at the Festival.