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For sale

All leather couch with recliners at each end for sale. It’s a rich brown color and in good condition. I’m asking $125 for it. If interested, please call or email.  Dennis | (602) 339-2561|


AZOSA will be meeting on Monday, November 12th at Calvary Community Church (12612 N Black Canyon Hwy, I-17 and Cactus Rd) in Room C209. Dr. Chris Williams will be speaking on, "The Dirty Little Secret of Evolution: Evolution provides no scientific explanation for the origin of life.” After 150 years, evolutionist still can provide no details about the first living cell on earth; how it originated from non-living chemicals, what it was made of, and if and how it stored genetic information. He will be discussing the incredible complexity of even the simplest known living cells, as well as the numerous complications and barriers remaining to be addressed. For more information, please call. Jim | (602) 863-2548