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Holy Week

Find a quiet time (alone or with family, friends, or a small group) to meditate on these moments from Holy Week. Each reading is set on the day of the week that it originally happened. Read the passage and reflect on it. Consider the simple question and respond appropriately. Finally, rest in the wonderful Word of God concerning the week that changed the world and changes our lives.

Palm Sunday Read Luke 19:28-44
How can I celebrate Jesus more?

Monday Read Matthew 21:12-17
What haven’t I turned over to Jesus that he would like to see removed from my life?

Tuesday Read Mark 12:41-44
What valuable gift can I offer to Jesus?

Wednesday Read Matthew 21:23-27
How is the fact that Jesus has full authority encouraging to me?

Thursday Read John 13:1-15, 34-35
What does Jesus’ example of service teach us about how to love others?

Good Friday Read Matthew 26:36-46
If Jesus relied on prayer, how much more should I?
Join your church family anytime between 5:30 and 7 PM for our Good Friday Communion Gathering. 

Saturday Quiet

Easter Sunday Read Read John 20:1-9
Why is the resurrection of Jesus so important to my life?

Celebrate Easter with us!
Easter services are at 6 (outdoor, sunrise service), 8:30, and 10 AM. The Nursery and our Kids’ Easter programming will be open for kids from birth through 6th grade during the 8:30 and 10 AM services.




Our church has been partnering with Thousand Hills ministry and Open Door Haiti for several years. We’ve dug wells, planted churches, and sent numerous short-term missions teams to Haiti.

This year, God revealed a new opportunity. Open Door Seminary is thriving! They have 50 students enrolled with more waiting to start this summer. They have one building with a couple of classrooms, offices, a library, and a small dormitory. The seminary is in need of a new facility with a cafeteria, kitchen, and an online training room where students can learn from the best teachers all around the world.

Our goal is to come alongside and partner with the church in Haiti. Open Door is on a mission to plant 100 churches in Haiti in the next 10 years and those churches need trained leaders. We want to support them by raising $50,000 to build this new seminary building. So, we’re dedicating our Easter offering to join with what God is doing through his church in Haiti. What an amazing chance for us to empower our brothers and sisters and show them that Palmcroft believes in what God is doing for his glory and their good!

If God is calling you to contribute, you can give online or by marking Easter on your offering during our regular worship services.