Taking the life-changing reality of Jesus into our neighborhoods, our cities, and our world.

Our Core Values

Truth–The Bible is the basis of all that we do.

We study it, teach it, and use it as the filter through which we view the world around us. We accept it as inspired by God and authoritative in life. The Bible points us to Jesus, and His gift of salvation. 

Grace–Grace means receiving something that is not earned.

God has shown us grace through His son Jesus and given us a new start. Having experienced God’s grace, we are to show grace to others around us. Forgiveness, acceptance, and patience are all expressions of grace. When we demonstrate grace, we imitate God.

People–The church is made up of people who are following Jesus together.

We come from different backgrounds and experiences; we have different ideas, dreams, and needs. Programs and buildings are useful, but the church is about people God loves and we love too. We can accomplish more working together than we can working apart. We’re better together.

Growth–Following Jesus is not intended to be static.

It is a progression that is complete only when life is over. It is a process that includes mistakes. It is a process that no one has perfected. What we value is not perfection, but progress. God is pleased as we grow in Him.

Making a Difference–The church does not exist solely for the benefit of its members.

It is a movement started by Jesus long ago.  The church is made up of people who show compassion to a hurting world, pointing them to Jesus, the only one who can really make a difference in their lives.

Statement of Belief

We think the best way to get to know what we believe is to spend time with us and see us in action. So we'd invite you to come, attend a service or two and see what we believe. If you are looking to read our statement of beliefs, click here.