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for sale

Two cemetery plots available for purchase at Phoenix Memorial Park Garden of Rest II, lot 600 block C, spaces three and four. You can purchase one plot for $3,000 or both for $5,000. If interested, please call.  Terry | (602) 558-0626

Maytag stackable washer and dryer for $295. It looks and works well. For more information, please call.  Todd | (602) 486-0201


I’m looking for a canoe to use as a prop on August 25th. It will not be put in the water, so it doesn’t need to be seafaring. Oars included would be great. If you have a canoe you’re willing to let me borrow, please call or email. 
Charlene | (602) 863-0945 |


I have a small pool business, cleaning pool filters. If interested, please call.  Jerry | (602) 900-3881