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for sale

Off white refrigerator for $150. It looks and works well. The freezer is on bottom. Both doors open left to right but are reversible. If interested, please call or email.  Todd | (602) 486-0201|

Kenmore chest freezer for $50. It’s approximately 5 cubit feet. If interested, please call or email.  
Cyndie | (623) 826-3927 |


AZOSA meeting on January 22 at 7:00PM in Ryan Hall. The title will be "Media Madness.” The primary pulpit forming public opinion today is the cinema. This talk blends video clips from movies into montages showing how pervasive and widespread this subtle form of indoctrination has become. Segments on dinosaurs, millions of years, alien - DNA life on earth, children's films, evolution mechanisms, ape-man and other topics examined; followed by an examination of the evidence from a Biblical viewpoint. Speaker: Bruce Malone of "Search for the Truth Ministry.” For more information, please call. 
Jim | (602) 863-2548

15 cubic feet upright freezer for free to whoever might need it. For more information, please call.  Johnson | (602) 405-1525


I’m a Christian gentleman who needs a room to rent for a year. I will pay cash. I don’t do drugs, drink alcohol or smoke. I’m very respectful and quiet. If you have a room for rent or know someone who does, please call or email.  
Steve | (858) 735-5385 |