A Note from Pastor Jim

The matter of giving always feels like a delicate subject. It is, however, an integral part of following the Lord Jesus and being part of His church. Sharing what we have is a clear indicator of our heart’s condition before the Lord. The New Testament suggests that generosity toward God would include:

  • A Willing Heart–The heart’s attitude is key in the matter of giving. Guilt, compulsion, or manipulation have no part in biblical giving.
  • An Open Hand–All that we have comes from Him. Willingness to release it demonstrates a healthy trust and dependence on Him.
  • A Clear Picture–We don’t give to appease God, impress others, or ease our conscience. We give out of love for Him who first loved us, and because we want to see lives changed here and abroad through the ministry of Palmcroft.

Asking people to give extra is not something we do often, or lightly at Palmcroft. Our church demonstrates generosity on so many levels. Our members give of their time, abilities, and even vacations to serve the Lord. The willingness to serve Jesus that is demonstrated here has ongoing impact in lives of all ages.

We’re asking that each of us prayerfully consider what we might contribute beyond our regular giving. Reaching our goal of $700,000 will allow us to complete the tasks laid out in this brochure. We are waiting on the Lord to provide, and do not intend to borrow for this project. It will take every one of us, whether our ability to give is large or small, to accomplish this goal. Please pray and consider how you might be able to be involved.

May the Lord bless you richly for your willingness to give. 

Pastor Jim Bull

When are we going to do this?

Our goal is to raise $700,000, and while that may seem like a lot, God has accomplished much greater things for us in the past, and we’re excited to see how He will meet this need through the generosity of the people at Palmcroft. We worked with an environmental design agency on the concepts and planning, and we have estimates as to how much each of our planned improvements will cost. 

We will begin implementing these changes as we raise the funds, beginning with the changes to the Education Center. This project has always focused on our kids and students, and so we will make those changes first. Following the Education Center we will construct the new playground. After the playground we will make the necessary changes to the Community Center to prepare it for our High School Ministry. Finally, when we complete our fundraising, we will make the improvements to the H Buildings for our adult communities. 

Estimated Costs        

Education Center: $400,000
Playground: $100,000
Community Center: $50,000
Adult Buildings: $150,000
Project Total: $700,000