SEEDS: A Campaign for Room to Grow


At Palmcroft, we hold five core values. These values flow out of the depth of our doctrine and influence the decisions we make, both large and small. At the center of these five core values is People. We believe that Truth and Grace are for people, and that the result of Truth and Grace in the lives of people following Jesus together, naturally pours out into spiritual Growth and Making a Difference in the world. Everything that we’re planning to do is so that more people could experience the life-changing reality of Jesus.

For Families

Most of us grew up in a world that bears little resemblance to the world our children are growing up in today. Our kids are growing up in a world that is tailored to them, a world where entertainment dominates nearly every corner of their lives. In today’s world, the church is competing against an entirely different message than we were even ten years ago. 

Today, we’re competing against iPads, video games, and television networks that cater to our kids. If the way we share Jesus with kids isn’t as relevant, it’s all too easy for them to become distracted and lose sight of eternity; the only thing that is of any real importance. 

We know our kids are the future of the church, and we must do everything in our power to reach them with the Gospel. Over the course of Palmcroft’s celebrated 70 year history, our ministry to kids and students has always been exceptional. We look back on what God has done in our first 70 years with thankful hearts, and we look toward the future, full of excitement about what God is going to do. Through this campaign, we’re looking to make investments in our campus to improve the facilities and overall experience of our families. On the following pages, you’ll see some of the concepts that we have been developing for kids, students, and adult communities. We hope you’re as excited as we are.

What Are We Planning?

Palmcroft Kids

We’re moving as much of our kids’ ministry as possible under one roof. We’re doing this for several reasons. Some months ago, we walked the path that many of our families take every Sunday morning. We checked in kids, walked our kids to the nursery, and walked out to the third–sixth grade classes. 25 minutes later, we made it back to the Worship Center to attend the service. Our existing setup makes for a poor guest experience and a poor experience for all families. Having most of our kids in the Education Center will make for a better guest experience and improve our already excellent security. The more secure parents feel, the more likely they’ll be able to truly worship without worrying about the safety of their children.

Most importantly, this move will allow us to utilize the gifting of our people to the fullest. In all our years of Vacation Bible School (VBS), we’ve found exceptional value in allowing people who are great teachers to teach, great crafters to craft, great organizers to organize, and great music leaders to lead music. The move to the Education Center will allow us to create teaching rooms where our kids will be able to experience the best expression of truth and grace as they learn who Jesus is. We want our Sunday mornings to match the level of excellence we’ve seen in VBS and to help our people better utilize their unique gifts to give our kids the best experience possible. 

Palmcroft Students

In recent years, our Student Ministries have been growing in number, and both our junior high and high school ministries have outgrown their facilities. To give them the room they need, we will move our high school students back to the building originally designed for them, the Community Center. The Community Center will give our High School Ministry room to grow for years to come. We will also create a new room for our Junior High Ministry on the east end of the second floor of the Education Center. These new locations will keep all our kids and student ministries as close as possible, helping to reduce noise for any adult communities meeting at the same time. 

For the Community

We’re also eager to better meet the needs of the people in our neighborhood. Our current plan, is to create a small clothing store in the H Buildings as part of the improvements. Through this store, we could collect donations and offer them to meet the needs of the community in a dignified way. We believe it is important that we meet the ever changing needs of our community, and this is just one of the ways we hope to do so in the coming years. 

Palmcroft Adults

The last portion of this project will see improvements to the spaces our adult communities will be using. We’ll upgrade the interiors of the H Buildings to make them better meeting spaces for our adults. If we complete our funding goal, we plan to construct a building that will provide coffee, restrooms, and other amenities for our adults. These changes will give our adult communities the room to grow into a more connected community.

The Changes

On the following pages, you’ll see concept artwork depicting some of the things we have planned. We know you’re excited to see what’s in store for our campus, but remember that everything you see in this pamphlet is part of the concept and may change before the project is completed.