Taking the life-changing reality of Jesus into our neighborhoods, our cities, and our world.

We view a focus on global mission as an essential ministry of our church and our individual members. We are committed to the mobilization of our resources to reach all peoples of the world for Jesus.

Our Focus

To glorify God in every missional endeavor outside our local congregation that introduces people to the life-changing reality of Jesus. This includes proclaiming the gospel of Jesus, making disciples, and connecting them with a local body of believers, while relating to the spiritual, physical, emotional, and social needs of people.

Palmcroft grows, sends, and supports career workers in partnership with the national church and mission organizations. We currently support over 90 long-term workers in 35 countries.

Palmcroft also sends, at the request of our missionaries and organizations, short-term teams of students and adults throughout the world. The primary goal of these teams is to serve our missionaries and national partners. Teams have worked on projects such as English as a second language (ESL), construction, medical and dental clinics, and children and youth ministries. We believe preparation is the key to successful trips and work with our teams to insure that every one is fully equipped for the ministry God has planned.

Project: Caracol

Caracol is a municipality in Northern Haiti where our church sponsored a clean water well during Easter of last year. Now we’re expanding our efforts and want to build a church near that well. The church is estimated to cost $60,000. We expect to raise more money than that, and with the extra money we have plans to help this church be sustainable for generations to come. The municipality of Caracol is expected to experience explosive population growth in the coming years, and we’re excited to be preparing the local church in advance, that the people of God in Caracol may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.


Where we live, clean water is a given. If you’re thirsty, turn on the tap and clean water comes right out. All kinds of drinks are at our fingertips. Truth is, we’re the minority. Right now, one billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean drinking water. That’s one in seven of us. According to the World Health Organization, unsafe water and poor sanitation kill more people than all forms of violence, including war.

$5,000 to $12,000 builds a well for a community of 400 that will bring clean, safe drinking water for 20 years. In April 2012, our goal was to raise $25,000; we far surpassed this goal by raising over $140,000!

The money we raised will fund clean water projects for the poorest of the poor through Living Water International and Thousand Hills Ministry. It will be used to provide safe, clean drinking water to communities in Haiti.

As of March 24, 2013, we have completed 16 clean water projects all over Haiti! These projects offer people a better life and give pastors influence in their communities to reach the lost.

Our Dirty Water campaign has been covered in the following publications: The Christian PostEcology Global NetworkKTAR News TalkOutreach MagazinePhoenix Business Journal.

Each marker on the map below represents a clean water project that is completed and funded by Palmcroft.

Our First Trip to Haiti

Our first trip to Haiti was in July of 2010. A group of our college students visited a small village outside of Cap Haitien called Bois de Lance. They worked with Open Door Haiti on the foundation of an orphanage. This children’s home is part of Open Door’s efforts to partner with local church leaders in loving and serving their community. Since that summer, we have sent a number of other teams to work with Open Door Haiti.

The orphanage in Bois de Lance is now completed, and Pastor Jeff was able to visit in February 2013. The kids greeted him with smiles and excitement.


Dirty Water Partners

Living Water International

Living Water International exists to demonstrate the love of God by helping communities acquire desperately needed clean water, and to experience “living water”—the gospel of Jesus Christ—which alone satisfies the deepest thirst.

For Living Water, it’s all about Jesus. It’s about demonstrating God’s love, announcing his kingdom, seeing Jesus in the least of our brothers and sisters, offering a cup of water in Jesus’ name and proclaiming his gospel, the living water.


Thousand Hills Ministry

Thousand Hills Ministry seeks innovative and practical ways to financially strengthen the developing-world church. We do this by forming strategic partnerships to develop in-country business opportunities that drive job creation, thereby encouraging economic health and vitality. By expanding markets and stimulating production to move people from subsistence to surplus – from survival to success.