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ManViews 2015

ManViews is a summer ministry to men, shared over a casual meal at various off-campus locations encouraging a thoughtful exchange of opinions and insights on a variety of current events. ManViews helps shape a Biblical worldview as faith intersects with culture.

There are six sessions scheduled June 3 - July 8, meeting Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 PM.  Pre-registration is required to participate.  When registering be sure to select the Sessions you plan to attend.

Session 1 - Worldviews- Their Radical Impact 
What difference does it make how I think? 
Facilitator:  Jim Wilde

Session 2 - Cops, Race, Religion and Rights 
When is freedom of speech and religion not a a right anymore?
Facilitator: Dave Jungbluth

Session 3 - "Rub-a-dub-dub, Three Businesses in a Tub..."  
Would Jesus do business with a homosexual? 
Facilitator: Brent Garrison

Session 4 - "Progressive Christianity"... Our Future?  
What fuels the need to think historic Christianity needs remodeling? 
Facilitator: Larry Van Liew

Session 5 - The Un-doing of "I Do"  
What are the religious liberty and cultural implications of legalized marriage for gays? 
Facilitator: Erik Stanley

Session 6 - Islam & Christianity... It's All To Die For  
How have ISIS and other extreme Muslim movements and ideologies impacted out faith? 
Facilitator: Al Burruss

Earlier Event: June 3
Later Event: June 8
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